International Scientific Congress “The problem of the regulatory nature of the candidates’ pre-election promises to the elected bodies of the state government and their responsibility for deliberately given false pre-election promises”

Sectoral Congress: Legal science
Field of research: General theory of law and constitutional (state) law
Curator: The American International Commercial Arbitration Court LLC (AICA LLC; Washington DC, USA)
The Congress Organizers are: the International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (UK), All-Ukrainian Academic Union (Ukraine), International Union of Trade and Industry (UK), American International Commercial Arbitrational Court (USA), Heidegger Centre of Scientific Initiative (Germany), Association for the Study of Natural Science (Spain), Open Philosophical Society of Existential Psychology (France), Institute of Problems of Society Life (Israel), Institute of Economic Analysis of Marshall (USA), Venture technologies department of Rörelse Corporation (Sweden).
The event is held in the remote-interactive mode.
Problem Statement: Are pre-election promises of candidates to government authorities the official legal facts, under the conditions that: a) such promises are formulated in the framework of the official constitutional procedure; b) such promises are not regulatory enactments, but still are officially (in accordance with the law) intended to regulate public relations in the electoral field with the participation of society members, who believe in these promises; c) such promises regulate public relations permissively - in the context of free electoral right? Do pre-election promises of candidates to governmental authorities have the normative character, if they have the signs of formality and the regulatory nature? Should the candidates to government authorities be responsible for deliberately given false pre-election promises - from the aspect of general principles of the democratic legal state existence? Should persons, elected to state positions, be responsible for the discharge of their obligations without taking into account their pre-election promises to people?
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Specialists in the fields of science whose problems are thematic guidelines of relevant sessions of the Congresses may participate in International Scientific Congresses of the IASHE.


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