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Three Major US Tamil Organizations Supporting Gajan’s TNPF Party, in Sri Lankan Election on August 5, 2020

Candidates from TNPF

TNPF's goal is to push for an International Investigation to bring justice and accountability and a referendum for a safe and secure homeland for Tamils.

Their goal is to save the Tamils and our nation and not to selfishly serve their own their benefit. They have tremendous hearts.”
— Director, Tamils for Trump

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, August 1, 2020 / -- Three Major US Tamil Organizations Supporting Gajan’s TNPF Party, in Sri Lanka Election on August 5, 2020

In the upcoming Sri Lanka election on August 5 of this year, Tamils are facing a major challenge in choosing the members of parliament. This election will decide the future of the Tamils and their survival.

They have several choices among the three parties.

Most of the Tamils rejected the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) for its incompetence and inaction, the reversal of their policies, and its support of the Sri Lankan government in exchange for perks. The TNA's corruption was seen when it threw out their own party member, Mrs. Maheswary, when she asked for account details for the many thousands of dollars received from the Tamil Diaspora.

When a party is corrupt, its focus is on money making. It will not care for the Tamils but instead raise a few false statements here and there to protect itself from being ousted from power.

Most of the Tamils are saying that the TNA betrayed the Tamils. It is time for TNA to go home.
11 years were wasted by electing TNA members. Most Tamils regret this profoundly.

Now Tamils have two choices: the leadership of Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam and the Tamil National People's Front, or CV Vigneswaran and the Tamil People''s National Alliance. Either would be welcomed by the Tamils.

Mr. Vigneswaran is an honest man. We believe his sincerity and his Tamil nationalism. Vigneswaran's policy is similar to that of Ponnampalam's party. Mr. Shivajilingam, a resilient candidate from Vigneswaran's party, is a no nonsense individual and a man of action. He has done many notable and historical things as a Council member. We welcome his true Tamil nationalism.

TPNA candidates have been in power as MPs, Council members, and Chief Minister. We saw their progress; while they were steady and positive, but we are in a desperate state, so we need young, dedicated, and forceful people to drive our policy into action.

We wanted both Gajendrakumar and CV Vigneswarn to be in one party, but it failed. We hope in the future for the sake of the Tamils that both will join as winners of the parliamentary elections to achieve our goal, which is a secured and protected Tamil Homeland.

Gajendrakumar's party, the Tamil National People's Front (TNPF), has three young lawyers who can articulate the Tamils' political wishes. They are very knowledgeable in international politics as well as the operational methods of UN, UNHRC and ICC. They are very honest, committed, and they respect and honor the victims of the ethnic war and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam who fought for independence. They are the Tamil nationalists and patriots of the Tamil homeland.

They are new to politics, so therefore they are uncorrupted, unlike the establishment. Their goal is to save the Tamils and our nation and not to selfishly serve their own their benefit. They have tremendous hearts. It is difficult for Sinhalese politicians Sinhalese elite or even Sinhalese Buddhist priests to lead them astray, and as successful lawyers they would not be tempted by money.

If they are elected as MPs, it is noted that they will donate the money received from car permits to impoverished Tamils.

They have a solid plan to rebuild the Tamils’ economy.

They were in politics for at least 10 years and have opposed the TNA's and Sinhalese's policy in the past.

They are not the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, but they have a personality like our brave fighters. They are determined.
Their goal is to push for an International Investigation of the Sri Lankan genocide and to bring justice, accountability, and referendum for a safe and secure homeland for the Tamils.

Their first task is to travel to the capitals of the powerful countries. Their understanding is everything is decided in the capitals, not in the UNHRC or UN.

Therefore, the Tamils for Trump , American Tamil Forum and Tamil Diaspora News are endorsing the TNPF and urging the Tamils in Tamil Eelam to vote for the TNPF to give a mandate to represent the Tamils in the UN and the rest of the world.

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